Three Key Intern Takeaways

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As a Marketing & PR intern for Wellington Group, I’ve had the chance to be involved in much more than I initially thought. No day in the office is the same and every project presents a new challenge or opportunity. Here are the three overarching takeaways I’ve learned from being an intern at Wellington Group.

Get involved – and quick!

At WGPR, things are always fast-paced. Different clients have different needs and everyone is quickly working on different tasks, ranging from social media curation to campaign development. I learned that to really understand all that WGPR does, I needed to ask a lot of questions and get involved in every opportunity I could.

When I first started as an intern, I was involved in the initial public relations campaign brainstorming for one of WGPR’s clients, University Christian Church. From there, I stayed involved with the campaign development and I have now seen the entire development process all the way to campaign implementation! This has been one of the best learning experiences in seeing how an agency operates, and it taught me to constantly look for new meetings and projects to sit in on.

Everything is a learning opportunity

Being a marketing & PR intern definitely involves a great deal of writing. Writing is such an important skill in the communications industry, and it’s a skill I’ve been able to practice throughout the entire internship. Everything from blogs to social media to press releases have taught me a lot about tailoring a message to a specific client. Through various blogs, social media posts and press releases, I learned a lot about tailor a message to a specific client.

I’ve learned that feedback is key to improving, and every time I have written something I’ve always received constructive feedback. I have seen my writing skills improve in just the few months I have been interning with WGPR. Every minor edit or track-changed correction has been a learning opportunity to make me a better writer.

Diversify your skill set

WGPR is a digital marketing and public relations agency, so the team is always involved in a lot of different projects. Everything from pitching to media outlets to SEO development can be found at the office. With so much work to get involved in, I really had to think about where my interests lie and where my work was needed.

Throughout the internship, I have had weekly check-ins, which have given me the opportunity to share what projects I like, what I want to continue doing, and what other areas of the business I want to dive into. I have learned to be open and communicative about things that interest me and because of that, I have gotten to learn from a variety of projects and clients. In just two months, I have been able to work on various projects across five different clients!

I think the most important aspect of any internship is to make sure you are continuously developing both yourself and your abilities. Always look for a company that wants to grow with you and help you succeed. Interested in an internship or job at Wellington Group? We’re currently looking for awesome candidates for Spring 2018. Send your cover letter and resumé to

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