Austin City Limits: Music, Art, Food and an Experience of a Lifetime

Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival is an annual 3-day event in Austin, TX presented by C3 Presents that brings together thousands of music lovers from all over the country and world. From Arcade Fire to Kanye West to Coldplay, the 2011 line-up is ready to make this year’s event the best yet.

ACL is also a great opportunity for local businesses, vendors and artists to showcase their products and designs at the festival’s EATS and ARTS sections. To get information on how to get your business involved in the 2012 Austin City Limits Festival, check in with the ACL Festival website once it has been updated for 2012.

ACL will be taking place this weekend, Sept. 16 – 18 at Zilker Park. For festival attendees, here are a few good tips to follow:

  • Stay informed

Sign up for the festival’s E-List and/or by following the festival on Facebook and Twitter. ACL also offers a free iPhone application.

  • Dress appropriately.

Weather has varied throughout the years and ACL happens rain or shine. Make sure to check the weather and plan accordingly. Also, Texas weather is known to be unpredictable (remember the dust and mud in years past?), so be prepared.

  • Get your wristband early.

The Zilker Park box office opens a week before the event, the Austin airport booth opens a couple of days before and Republic Square (shuttle pick-up/drop-off) opens early Friday morning.

  • Plan your schedule and meeting spots with friends in advance.

With the large crowds of people at the festival, cell phone service is unpredictable. Know in advance what stages you want to be at and where to meet up with friends if you get separated. There are plenty of landmarks to use, such as the ART and EATS signs.

  • Bring plenty of cash.

Payment throughout the festival is cash-only and the ATMs inside have ridiculously high service fees. Avoid spending extra money by setting a budget for each day and bringing cash with you in advance. Food and drinks are typically a little expansive, so budget accordingly. Beers tend to run about $5 for 12oz and $7 for 16oz.

  • Bring sunscreen and drink lots of water.

Chances are, it will be hot and it will for sure be crowded. Avoid getting a terrible sunburn or getting dehydrated by being prepared and proactive. You don’t want to get sick during your favorite show or need to leave before the show starts!

  • Be careful when you buy tickets.

Don’t have tickets to the event yet? Be careful of who you buy them from. There are a lot of scams and ticket scalpers out there! If possible, buy your tickets from Front Gate Tickets, the official ACL Festival ticket company.

Arrive prepared to have a great ACL experience! Happy 10th Anniversary, ACL, and thanks for being a monumental part of Austin!

Helping Central Texas Wildfire Victims

More than 170 fires have erupted throughout the area in the past week that have destroyed more than 130,000 acres of land and displaced thousands of people from their homes. The catastrophic disaster has called for 1,200 firefighters, including the elite search team, Texas Task Force 1, and units from as far as California and Oregon. As the wildfires across the drought-stricken land of Central Texas destroy more than 1,050 homes, our neighbors and community has united together for support and relief.

There are many ways you can help firefighters and the wildfire victims.

Visit the Central Texas Wildfires Recovery Facebook page created by the Austin American-Statesman to find information about charitable organizations, donations and volunteer opportunities as the area works to rebuild.

If you are a Red Cross trained volunteer, please call 512-837-4046 for more information. American Red Cross of Central Texas is accepting cash donations but not material goods.

For information on what items to donate and the various organizations accepting donation for the fire victims, click here.

To follow the real-time Central Texas wildfires updates on Twitter, use #centraltxfires.

Please keep the fire victims and firefighters in your thoughts and prayers. Do what you can to help the community and your neighbors.

You’re Invited: Entrepreneur’s Panel & Happy Hour

What: Entrepreneur’s Panel & Happy Hour

Date and Time: Wednesday, August 24; 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Location: Acton School of Business, 1404 E. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX

Hosted by: My Entrepreneurial Journey, a series of challenges and exercises created by master entrepreneurs to prepare you for a more successful, fulfilling life in business.

Six reasons to join us:

1. Hear from 3 successful Austin entrepreneurs; panel starts at 5pm
2. Meet other budding and practicing business owners.
3. Test-drive the MyEJ entrepreneurial bootcamp.
4. Taste fabulous cocktails & libations.
5. Take the entrepreneur’s quiz
6. Win a free MyEJ bootcamp program ($297 value.)

Please note that parking is limited to around 50 cars at the campus – we will do our best to squeeze everyone in but encourage car pooling! 🙂

Our Panelists:

Paula Angerstein, Founder of Paula’s Texas Spirits, whose delicious handmade orange or lemon liqueurs can be found in restaurants, bars and stores across Texas.

Amy George, Founder of Blue Avocado, whose innovative green products have stylishly eliminated 20+ million plastic bags from the waste system and avoided over 1 million pounds of carbon emissions.

Dawn Wellington, Founder of the Wellington Group, whose marketing and PR company has represented brands and personalities from Mary Lou Retton’s weight-loss product, Mary Lou’s Weigh, to the South Padre Music Festival.

Learn more about MyEJ at

How to Make the Most of Your Conference Experience

This week, we’re at our client’s annual conference in Jersey City, NJ. From our experience at conferences, we’ve learned these events are a great opportunity to learn new business practices and meet new people. Though it takes time and money, conferences have great opportunities.  Here are four key things you should do to make your experience worth your time and money.

1. Secure meetings prior to the event

Take advantage of being in a focused environment and being able to meet face-to-face with clients, potential clients, peers or business representatives you may not see often. Set up mealtime meetings or conversations between sessions to catch up or meet up.

2. Network

Conferences are a great opportunity to meet new people who have your similar interests, new and different ideas and great feedback for your business. Have a positive attitude, a good night’s rest and a stack of business cards ready to mingle, strike up conversations and start meaningful relationships.

3. Attend sessions, listen, and learn

Remember the focus of the conference. Whether it’s to meet with your association as a whole to discuss association issues or it’s to meet with your industry to discuss new and future trends, take advantage of being in a learning environment. Listen to peers in conversations. Attend and participate in sessions. Soak up what you hear and learn to improve your business or yourself.

4. Follow-up

When you get home, what do you do with the handful of business cards from people you’ve met at the convention? Use them! Send them follow-up emails if you’ve promised to continue the conversation or send them answers to questions. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You could even add them to your distribution list. Foster the relationships you’ve started.

What tips do you have for having a successful conference experience?

Tips for Facebook Success

Although Facebook began in 2004, as a way for college students to “stalk” exes and post pictures of themselves at parties, it has evolved into an extremely valuable social marketing tool for businesses. Recently, there has been an increasing amount of new features for businesses and depending on your industry, you may be falling behind your competitors if you don’t have a Facebook page. Here are some tips to help your business optimize and manage its Facebook page.


  • Make sure your picture accurately establishes your identity. Many businesses simply use their logo or incorporate it in the profile picture.
  • Add as much succinct information about your company as possible, including a clear company description.


  • Facebook allows you to become “friends” with consumers in a community environment, so take every opportunity to post interesting updates about your company.
  • Posting albums showcasing your company’s products, your company speaking at an event, or volunteering at a charity will engage your fans and enhance your identity.
  • Your page and posts give you an opportunity to engage in conversation about your business. Aim for a conversational and less formal but still professional approach to your posts.
  • Structure your posts for maximum engagement and create relative posts regularly.
  • According to in the article Make the Most of Your Businesses Facebook Page, posts with 80 characters or less have a greater engagement rate compared to longer posts.
  • With Facebook, the hard-sell approach is less effective. Viewers are more respond more positively to words like “events” and “winning” rather than words like “buy” and “shop.”
  • There are key dates and times to post. Thursdays and Fridays are 18% more popular than the rest of the weekdays and posting after business hours has a 20% higher engagement rate.


  • To increase your fan base, use the “invite friends” link on the right of your page. You can also utilize Facebook’s social plug-ins on your website, which adds a link to your Facebook page.
  • Asking people to “like” your wall posts increases the likelihood that they will do so by 216%.
  • The more likes your page has, the more popular your page is, and the more it will show up in your friends’ news feeds, spreading your reach even further.


  • Invite guests to your events through Facebook. Events can also be made public or private, and you can invite people to events who are not your friends or fans, which will hopefully encourage them to like your page.
  • Contests allow you to directly interact with your fans in a fun way.
    • For example, Dominos created a contest in which fans posted pictures with their Dominos pizza for a $500 prize. The contest was an easy way to facilitate direct interaction with consumers and excite fans about the product.


  • Remember Facebook shares information about your fans and consumers that can directly correlate to your marketing strategy.
  • On your website, the “Like” button on your site allows users to share pages from your site to their Facebook profile and the “Recommendation” button gives users of your site personalized suggestions for pages they like.
  • Using the Like and Recommendation buttons to view what your site’s users “like” serves as a research marketing tool allowing to see what your target audience prefers.

Facebook can be overwhelming to learn, but it is also very beneficial for your business if you can reach your target audience. Also, there are a plethora of resources to help you decipher the Facebook speak and help you accomplish your Facebook goals.

How to Give An Effective Presentation

Presentations can make or break your image when establishing relationships with other companies, clients, and potential clients. You don’t need to be a natural extrovert to be an effective public speaker. Presentations can be prepared for and skills can be learned and practiced.

At Wellington Group, we understand the importance of giving an effective presentation and speak to a variety of audiences from college students to board members. Presentations not only allow us to educate about a topic but they give us the opportunity to establish our identity and engage with our audience. Here are some key tips to remember when presenting to any audience!

1. Prepare your presentation

Develop goals of what you want the audience to gain from your presentation and decide what information is most relevant to your goals. Always use facts and research to credit your points of view. Organize your speech step by step and allot how much time you will spend on certain subjects.

2. Find out all the logistical details

The following are important questions you should answer to help you prepare.

  • Where are you speaking?
  • Will you need to bring equipment or visuals to enhance your presentation?
  • How large is the audience?
  • How much time do you have?
  • When are you speaking? (If you have a choice, avoid speaking after lunch when people are the most tired.)
  • Should you plan a break within the speech?
  • How will you transition from topic to topic?

3. Speak with confidence

You are trying to persuade the audience to take a particular course of action or educate them on a subject. Either way you are trying to share your knowledge and views with the audience. Before speaking, ensure that you have total confidence in the importance of your subject matter, and your audience will sense your confidence and inherently trust in your message. Think about what you want the audience to take away from your speech and clearly articulate your aims and purpose throughout the presentation.

4. Cater to your audience

Different audiences will react differently to your message. Assess your audience and speak in ways they will understand the material. Use word choice that makes them feel comfortable and explain any terms they may not know in order to keep them involved and listening.

5. Identify with your Audience

The more your audience can identity with you and your presentation, the more they will remember and be affected by the content. Make your audience relaxed—use humor if appropriate, anecdotes, surprising facts, rhetorical thought-provoking questions, or real-life stories to illustrate your topic.

6. Keep Your Audience Interested

Your audience remembers the beginning and end of your speech the most so emphasis these parts. Strategically find places to pause ahead of time and ask if your audience has any questions. Create a dialogue rather than a monologue by finding ways for audience participation.

7. Non-Verbal Messages

Fifty-five percent of message is non-verbal, so make sure to give positive body language to your audience—good posture, smile, and eye contact. Avoid hands in your pockets and nervous ticks. Although nervous habits may seem unavoidable, they can be drastically reduced with practice. Try practicing in front of groups repeatedly and learn from their feedback. Because many habits are subconscious, you may find it helpful to film yourself and view your body language.

8. Answering Questions

Before the presentation, make a list of likely questions and prepare answers for them. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer to a question. Instead, admit that you may not have the most knowledgeable answer and offer to get back to the audience member with the answer.

Wellington Group is speaking at the National Association of Legal Search Consultants on October 14 at the Harvard Club of New York City, giving a presentation to the board of the American Recovery Association at their Annual Convention in Jersey City on August 18 through 20 and speaking on a panel at the Entrepreneurs Panel & Happy Hour hosted by Acton School of Business on August 24. Let us know if you’d like us to speak to your group or association!

Start Planning Your Corporate Gift-Giving

It may seem too early to start planning your company’s holiday gifts, but the holiday season seems to arrive faster every year. Don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute to pull together a budget, gift ideas, and the ordering and sending. The last thing you want to do when you’re overwhelmed with completing work before the holidays is choosing between a cookie bouquet and a popcorn barrel.

Here are some helpful ideas and tips for having an efficient gift-giving holiday season.

1. Start early

The early bird gets the worm! Or in this case, the best early-bird discounts! There are sometimes deals for companies that order their gifts early. Take advantage of it. To decide what you will send, think about who will receive your gifts. Also set a budget and think about how much you want to spend per gift. And don’t forget the cards to accompany the gifts. If you want to send customized or specially designed cards, start the process early!

2. Time your gift

Although a gift is a small gesture of your gratitude, it can also make a lasting, distinctive impression for your company. Time your gift at the beginning or end of the gift-giving process so it doesn’t get lost in the mix.

3. Company Gifts

If you’re sending a gift for the whole company or giving the same gift to multiple companies, be sure your gift has broad appeal. Corporate gift baskets are almost always a hit because they’re easy to share in the office. Try gift baskets with wine, coffee and tea, cookies, chocolates or other snack items. Gourmet Gift Baskets and Harry and David Gift Baskets has great selections.

4. Individual Gifts

If you’re thinking about gifts for an individual at a company, you have the opportunity to get more creative and personal. Take in consideration their hobbies, favorite foods, where they vacation, what books they read, etc. Good options are gift cards to restaurants, sporting goods stores, iTunes, book stores, and other places that are frequently used or would be a good treat. Standard but useful gifts such as picture frames, stationary, etc. are also good gifts.

What tips do you have for holiday gift giving?

Job Opportunity: Senior Director of Interactive Strategies

We were sent this job opportunity in Austin and wanted to share it with you. If you’re passionate about interactive web marketing and are experienced in developing marketing strategies in the e-commerce, mobile, and interactive space, this opportunity as a Senior Director of Interactive Strategies may be for you.

For more details, take a look at the job posting.

Documentary Filmmakers Help Change Public Perception of Largest Municipally Owned Energy Company

Exciting news about our client, Beef & Pie Productions!

Documentary Filmmakers Help Change Public Perception of Largest Municipally Owned Energy Company
San Antonio Discovers How CPS Energy ‘Works for You’ in New Ad Campaign

AUSTIN, TX – August 2, 2011, Beef & Pie Productions, an Austin-based production company specializing in real people storytelling, was hired by The Atkins Group to produce a series of thought-changing commercials for CPS Energy, the largest municipally owned energy company in the U.S. The goal was to illustrate a more personal side of CPS Energy to improve the public’s perception of the energy company.

The Atkins Group, CPS Energy’s advertising agency, created the multi-media campaign, CPS Energy ‘Works for You’. Due to some previous media coverage of CPS Energy, the agency wanted to educate the public by letting CPS Employees tell their story. The campaign allowed the real, hard-working, and proud employees of CPS Energy to share with the public what they do, why they work hard, and how they personally keep the cost of San Antonio’s energy one of the lowest in the country.

“We hired Beef & Pie because the team is notorious for taking this type of unscripted direction and turning it into compelling stories,” said Dirk Mitchell, creative director at The Atkins Group. “Beef & Pie knew what to do to get the employees to feel comfortable on camera and the team helped us show the noble character of the employees who take care of San Antonio everyday.”

During four of the hottest days in San Antonio, Beef & Pie interviewed more than 25 CPS Energy employees from every department. From the call-center to the coal yard, the top of a cherry picker to the middle of a solar array, and the banks of the lakes CPS Energy protects to the top floor of the power plant; Beef & Pie interviewed the employees in their work settings about what they do.

The production company sought to show how CPS Energy’s employees’ work is for the residents and by the residents of San Antonio. It also educated audiences about how San Antonio gets its power in the series of informative and personal commercials, which began airing in June.

“It is important to CPS Energy and its employees that the public knows the many positive impacts our company has on San Antonio and its residents,” said Lynn Nowak, supervisor, strategic communications at CPS Energy. “We wanted the public to hear it directly from the employees, and Beef & Pie and The Atkins Group did a stellar job of helping them tell their stories.”

The project culminated in a four-spot television campaign and external videos for the CPS Energy website. It also included longer internal videos on the employee’s Youtube channel, along with posters throughout the company of the employee participants.

“We like the challenge of telling big stories from people who haven’t necessarily been on camera before,” said Mike Woolf, director at Beef & Pie Productions. “We left this project with a really good feeling because we knew we had given the employees a voice they had never had before.”

To see the CPS Energy commercial spots, visit the Beef & Pie website at

About Beef & Pie Productions

Beef & Pie is an Austin-based, production company that knows how to tell the big story. A director/ DP team with in-house editorial, Beef & Pie can take any idea from casting to color correction. They shoot commercials for Southwest Airlines, webisodes for the US Air Force and documentaries about beer. Their new feature “Man on a Mission: The Richard Garriott story” won Best Documentary at SXSW Film Festival and will be released in theaters January 2012. For more information, go to or call (512) 499-8080.


5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job or Internship

In Austin, we see the competition for jobs and internships first-hand. Students graduating from college want to stay in Austin and around the country, word keeps spreading that Austin’s economy is booming, making the competition for jobs and internships fierce. No matter what city you are searching in, the process of landing your dream job or internship is the same. Here are 5 tips that can help you on the right path to a position that is your perfect fit.

1. Know your personal brand

Before you start searching job/internship boards or networking, you have to figure out who you are. Here are some questions you should be able to answer:

  • What sets you apart from other job/internship applicants?
  • What skills have you learned that will benefit your future work?

2. Know what you’re looking for

Get specific with your answers to these questions. You may not find a position that fits all of your criteria, but after you’ve put some thought into it, you will know what kind of work and environment you would excel at/in.

  • What kind of job/internship are you looking for? (industry, work hours, size of company, etc.)
  • What work environment do you work best in? (atmosphere, co-worker demographic, managing setting, etc.)
  • What is your dream job/internship?
  • What are your goals for the internship (i.e. I want to learn how to write press releases, pitches, contributed articles, etc.)

3. Perfect your resume and cover letter

Your resume and cover letter may be the first impression a potential employer has of you. Will they think you are professional or sloppy? When you’re preparing your resume and cover letter, don’t forget to:

  • Personalize your cover letter to the company. An “insert company name here” cover letter may be easy for you, but does it really show the reader why you truly belong at that company? Likewise, do you see yourself as another “insert job/internship applicant here” for the company? Also, keep it short and to the point.
  • Get a second pair of eyes on your resume and cover letter. Have them check and double-check for correct grammar and spelling, possible incorrect company names inserted, and if the documents present you in the best light possible.
  • Keep your resume to one page.
  • Highlight your skills by explaining what the results were. For example, don’t just say, “Drafted press releases.” Instead, “Drafted and distributed press releases resulting in secured coverage with X, Y, Z publications.”

In addition, develop a succinct elevator pitch to answer the dreaded “so, tell me about yourself” statement. Include information about who you are, what you’re looking for and what you can offer.

4. Protect your personal brand

When someone searches for you on the Internet, what will they find? Does your personal brand show that you are professional or irresponsible? Because social media is everywhere these days, your personal brand could be seen and analyzed by anyone and everyone. Be careful what you post online and how you present yourself.

5. Expand your network

Make a personal goal to attend a set number of networking events and meet a certain number of people every week. There’s nothing like face-to-face communication, and you never know if you might meet someone who is hiring or if they know someone who is hiring. Bring business cards, your elevator pitch and a positive attitude, and be ready to meet other professionals with whom you can form relationships. Don’t forget to follow up with them afterwards.

Finding the right job or internship is a long, sometimes impatient, process, but remember, you are looking for a position and company where you fit and where you can excel and grow. Don’t lose sight of your goal!

Leading Online Remarketing Company Sees 250% Growth in Repossessed Vehicle Sales Since January 2011

Congratulations to our client, OPENLANE, on their continued growth! Take a look at the press release below.

Leading Online Remarketing Company Sees 250% Growth in Repossessed Vehicle Sales Since January 2011

Recovery Agents and Lenders Experience Increased Sales Via Partnership with OPENLANE

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 26, 2011OPENLANE, Inc., a leading online auction company in North America for automotive dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles, experienced a 250 percent growth in repossessed vehicle sales and a 75  percent sell-through rate in its recovery remarketing program since January 2011.

OPENLANE has seen a 94 percent increase of recovery companies registered to support sales for their financial lender clients since January 2011 with 83 percent of the registered recovery companies having sold at least one car on OPENLANE. There are now close to 300 recovery companies registered with OPENLANE.  With OPENLANE’s partnership, recovery companies have been able to provide a new set of services for their clients and increase their repossessed vehicle sales in a new and innovative way.

“The efficiency, ease, and results of selling our repossessed vehicles on OPENLANE have proven remarketing online is working very well for our company,” said Michael Simpson, Manager and Owner at Gotcha Recovery Services. “OPENLANE excels at customer service and has helped us grow our business.”

Working together with recovery service providers as partners, OPENLANE has also seen significant growth in the number of financial institutions listing and selling vehicles online, including a 113% percent increase in the number of lenders listing repossessed vehicles on OPENLANE since January 2010 with over 450 listing and close to 400 selling at least one repossessed vehicle on OPENLANE.

“Being able to take an assignment from recovery to remarketing is efficient and cost-effective,” said Terri Stuckey, Asset Recovery Specialist at Square One Financial. “We look forward to growing continued success with OPENLANE.”

OPENLANE provides recovery agents and financial institutions with an efficient and easy-to-use solution for selling repossessed vehicles online. OPENLANE’s recovery remarketing program has enabled recovery service providers to expand their offerings and increase revenue for the recovery agent and lender. Financial institutions benefit from faster vehicle sales, lesser depreciation and a more cost-effective means of wholesaling repossessed vehicles.

“We’re thrilled with the rapid growth OPENLANE and its customers in the recovery and financial industry have experienced for the past six months,” said Zach Hallowell, business line director at OPENLANE. “Our goal is to help recovery agents and lenders be even more successful in these changing times through the products and services we provide.”


OPENLANE, Inc. is a leading online auction company in North America for automotive dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles.  The company offers end-to-end auto remarketing solutions to auto manufacturers, captive finance companies, lease and daily rental companies, financial institutions and wholesale auto auctions throughout the United States and Canada.  OPENLANE powers online remarketing programs for American Honda Finance, Audi Financial Services, Avis Budget Group, BMW Financial Services Canada, Chase Auto Finance, Chrysler Financial, Porsche Financial Services, Southeast Toyota Finance, US Bank, Volkswagen Credit, among others.  For more information, please visit or call +1 (866) 969-0321.


Finding Success Through Goal Setting

What makes you excited about starting a new day when you wake up in the morning?

In the stress of our daily lives, it’s easy to get caught up in details and the stress of succeeding in our lives, especially if it’s in one particular area. (Workaholics, I’m talking to you.) We often lose focus of our values and what we want to accomplish in our lives and spend a dangerous majority of our time trying to succeed professionally or financially without thinking about the end fulfillment.

At Wellington Group, we make an effort to set goals in various areas of our lives and share them with each other to stay on track. Our 7 goal categories include:

  • Personal
  • Business/Career
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Family
  • Financial
  • Educational

Success in these categories goes hand in hand. When we find success in one area of our lives, it raises our morale, revives our inner being, and rejuvenates us in order to give us the confidence and energy to succeed in another area of our lives. Are you ready to set some goals?

It’s helpful to write your goals down to make them more concrete and share them with others to help hold you accountable. It is also helpful to set specific deadlines for your goals, whether it’s at the end of every month, in one year or in five years. If you are a visual learner, you might find it beneficial to make a vision board with images and words of your goals and put it in a place where you’ll see it everyday to have a daily visual reminder.

Happy goal setting!

5 Things You Need for a Successful Media Relations Campaign

Pitching media correctly takes time, strategy and personalization, but the results can make you – and your clients – very happy. As PR professionals, we’ve lived and breathed the process, and we’ve seen what works and doesn’t work. If you’re starting a media relations campaign, here are a few things you should remember.

1. Newsworthy Story

Is your story new, timely, or unique? Does your story involve a human-interest factor, a conflict, a local angle, or a prominent person? Think about why your story is newsworthy.

2. Relevant Media List

Who will you pitch your story to? Think about the audience you want to reach and include the outlets (print publications, radio shows, blogs, TV networks, etc.) where you can reach them. After you have your outlets, pick specific reporters that cover the topic your news is about.

3. Creative Pitches

How will you convince the newsworthiness of your story to the reporters you’ve chosen? Create creative and succinct email and/or phone pitches. Do some research on the publications and reporters and see what topics they’ve covered recently. If they have covered the same topic as your news recently, they may not want to cover it again. Research will also help you find out the best way to pitch a reporter – by email, phone or social media outlets.

4. Optimistic Pitching Attitude

Cold calling isn’t the most fun task, but sometimes necessary to secure media coverage. An optimistic attitude will put you in a positive mindset to complete the task. We call it “smiling and dialing.” Put on a smile and pick up the phone.

5. Prompt Follow-Up

After your initial round of pitching, follow-up with the reporters. If you pitched by email first, which we recommend, follow up by phone if possible. On the phone, did you promise to re-send the press release, call back at a later time, or provide additional resources? Follow-up to tie up loose ends.

What do you think is the most important thing for a successful media relations campaign?

Have questions about media relations? Email or call us!

Take a Shot With Korey Howell Photography

We had the pleasure of working with Korey Howell Photography for a client’s photo shoot recently, and trust us when we say, this is the go-to company for corporate photos.

From the first conversations (through email and then by phone) to the photo shoot to the follow-up correspondence, Korey was polite, prompt, and professional, three things that make working with her a breeze. Add in her fun personality and her brilliant photography, and this will be one of your favorite photographers.

Korey took time to discuss our photo desires with her (this included doing research on our client), and when it was time to take the photos, she gave great direction about where to look and stand to get the photos we wanted. We love that Korey brought along her laptop to the photo shoot so we could view the photos to see if she was on the right track and pick the best ones for editing. Most of all, we love that she made our client feel comfortable before, during and after the shoot, and that she went above and beyond in service.

Take a look at one of Korey’s great shots:


Social Media Communications: President Obama’s Twitter Town Hall

It’s interesting to see how social media and its importance continues to evolve, and with the presidential elections coming up next year, we predict social media will be heavily used in the campaigns.

President Obama, the first President to live tweet, held a live Twitter Town Hall last week, tweeting from the @WhiteHouse account (not his campaign account @BarackObama, which is the third most popular account after Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber) and answering questions sent through Twitter. What this means is anyone could tweet a question to the President with the hashtag #AskObama and the White House team chose the questions that were shown on the screen and answered by the President.

A total 169, 395 #AskObama tweets were sent about these four biggest topics: Jobs – 18,957 (23 percent), Budget – 15,000 (18 percent), Taxes – 14,777 (18 percent) and Education – 8,833 (11 percent).

Was the Twitter Town Hall effective? We think yes. For the President and his campaign, it was an interesting way to engage America and meet them right where they were – online. And for Americans, it’s another opportunity to hear from the President and get an update on where things currently stand, especially with the 2012 Elections approaching.

To see the full Twitter Town Hall video, visit:

We’re looking forward to see how presidential candidates utilize social media in their campaigns. How do you think they’ll use social media?