Bright Ideas for Your Office

While we’re busy creating bright ideas for your business, we’re also focusing on how we can brighten up our own. Aside from drafting up clever tweets or brainstorming charming, yet useful tips for our monthly newsletter, it’s important to us that we also reflect the Wellington Group personality with branding represented throughout our quaint, yet quirky office.

Branding a workspace is often lowest on the totem pole in terms of spending priorities for business owners. With overhead costs, employee benefits, and larger, outward-facing marketing initiatives, why spend the money on perfecting the aesthetics of the office for internal, employee use?

We can think of two big reasons – employee productivity and client perception.

Client Perception:
Whether you like it or not, a company’s workspace is a reflection of its personality and ideals. Your space often offers the first impression for many of your clients of what your company is about. And if not the first, then it certainly validates or invalidates the perception of your brand that they walked through the door with. Ideally, the look and feel of your space will only serve to elevate it.

The best approach is to extend your branding throughout all mediums, including sight, sound, and smell (yes, smell). When someone walks in the door, do they feel hipper, smarter, calmer, happier, more excited, or more composed? Does that emotion reflect how you want your brand to be perceived?

What do they hear when they enter the space? Are they welcomed by the laughter that fills the room by your employees, or the silence of serious, diligent workers? Do they smell the flowers you left in the vase at the door, smoky Texas cedar, or today’s lunch from the kitchen? Are your vibrant colors and patterns, your subdued simplistic nature, or your feeling of home reflected on the walls and in the furnishings?

All of these things come together to tell your story. And there’s no better place to represent it – proudly, might we add – than your very own HQ.

Employee Productivity
Not only does branding your space make a lasting impression on your visitors, but it also pushes your employees to grow and produce their best work in an environment that reflects the personality of the business.

Having an office space that reflects your brand’s personality will attract employees that better fit your core values and lifestyle. That’s a huge plus! A lackluster, brandless environment might deter some top contenders during the interview process and beyond.

In addition, your employees chose to work at your company for a reason. They had to have bought into your branding and aligned themselves with your vision in some way when they signed on. By reflecting your brand identity in their day-to-day office environment, you will inevitably increase productivity and morale — they will be excited, inspired and proud of where they go to work 40+ hours each week.

Is it time to consider a little redecorating? If so, no need to fear! You can make these changes over time. This process should be fun and inspiring – not stressful.

In the mean time, over here at Wellington Group, we are truly enjoying our office décor and are proud to show it off to our many visitors—thanks to Chelsea + Remy Design for helping us turn our vision into a reality!

Still need inspiration? Check out photography of our space below, compliments of Olympia Sobande of Korey Howell Photography:

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