Our Favorite Gym Gear

With swimsuit season over and sweater season underway, it can be easy to forget about your fitness routine as the temperature drops. We know a little motivation goes a long way, and having the right attire can be that extra push to get you going. Check out our top ten workout gear picks to keep you excited this fall.

1. We use this Fly Away Tamer headband from Lululemon every day to keep those pesky flyaway hairs from sticking to our faces during yoga or cycling class!

2. This Tervis water bottle accompanies us to work and every workout. It keeps our water cold for the whole day and is sweat-free, keeping our belongings dry.

3. Music is such an important aspect of our workouts. These in-ear headphones by Bose are our favorite way to listen to tunes while hitting the weights.

4. These spacious and colorful Adidas Duffel Bags carry all of our gear to and from the gym without breaking the bank.

5. Our office is full of yogis—and we love this Lululemon yoga mat! This mat is the perfect size and shape to bring with us wherever we go.

6. The name says it all. The Incredible sports bra by Victoria’s Secret provides maximum support during high-intensity workouts, making it our go-to choice when we’re killing it at kickboxing.

7. Whenever it gets chilly outside, we throw on this ¼ zip pullover from Old Navy for our outdoor workouts.

8. These classic Nike running shorts rock because they don’t ride up during a jog. Their loose fit and variety of colors make for a go-to short for any of our workouts.

9. We love these Wild and Free pants from Lululemon. They keep our legs covered without being too warm during a sweaty spin class thanks to the mesh cutouts.

10. Keep your feet from feeling pain with these comfortable and fashionable Nike Free Running Shoes. They are the perfect kicks for a jog along Lady Bird Lake!

What is your must-have gear when you head to the gym? Let us know in the comments!

Our Favorite Austin Bloggers

Blogs have the ability to inspire us and open our eyes to new and exciting things. From food to ideas, places and adventures, blogs allow us to experience and see the world from points of view we may not experience by ourselves. We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite Austin bloggers. With their vastly different personalities and content, these ladies inspire, enlighten andour love for Austin run a little

  1. A Taste of KokoThis beautiful, scrumptious blog by Jane Ko, (more commonly known as Koko) will have you drooling in a matter of seconds. Through gorgeous, mouthwatering photography, A Taste of Koko will introduce you to the greatest finds in Austin cuisine and hot weekend getaways. This is our go-to blog for finding new restaurants to try and very important need-to-know topics – like the 25 most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Austin. When she’s not blogging, she’s a professional social media and community manager and hosts the largest food crawl in Austin during SXSW with over 20,000 participants. She’s also a pleasure to work with – check out her beautiful photography from a recent event we hosted for one of our favorite client’s, True Food Kitchen.
  2. Camille Styles“A healthy life. Well styled.” Camille Styles’ blog is the go-to place for recipes, health and fitness, as well as style and beauty. Through uplifting articles, tutorials, and beautiful photography – this blog aims to inspire clean living, healthy choices and happy, beautiful lives. We have the privilege of working with Camille and most definitely take her advice to heart. Our favorite part of the blog? Camille’s Kitchen where you can find innovative and delicious recipes like Chicken Tequila Taquitos and Mexican Street Corn Salad.
  3. Love and LemonsOh man, do we love Love and Lemons! Husband and wife duo, Jeanine and Jack, enjoy cooking and photographing food that’s “fresh, bright, and often finished with a squeeze of lemon.” Whenever we’re looking to make a healthy and delicious meal we head over to Love and Lemons for inspiration. They just came out with new cookbook “The Love and Lemons Cookbook” and we challenge you to look at it without getting hungry. One of our go-to recipes is the recipe for Sweet Potato Avocado Tacos – yum!
  4. Addie BroylesNow this awesome lady has got a lot going on- she’s writes about food for the Austin American-Statesman’s popular Relish Austin blog, works with the local food blogging community, maintains her own blog The Feminist Kitchen, and holds a feminist book club and film series every month all while raising two young sons. We go to Relish Austin for everything from advice on what salsa to pick up at the grocery store, an explanation on what “shakshouka” is (say that 5 times fast), to finding out how the hot sauce in Hillary Clinton’s bag has ties to Austin. We recommend joining her next book club meet up and picking up her newest cookbook, “The Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook” for gorgeous, mouthwatering food photos and recipes from local Austin bloggers.
  5. The Hungry ChroniclesThe Hungry Chronicles blog is every foodie’s fantasy. From stunning photography, to taste bud-tantalizing recipes, The Hungry Chronicles is a feast for all senses. Be warned, if you venture to the “My Hungry Travels” section of the blog you’ll be booking plane tickets before you know it! We suggest checking out the “Hungry Girl Austin” section of the blog before your next girl’s night out on the town.
  6. Girl Eats WorldWho would have guessed that a gas station indian-chinese fusion restaurant called “Chicken Lollypop” was any good? Girl Eats World is a master of knowing those hidden gems that every Austintine should be familiar with but isn’t? She offers alternatives to local favorites everyone knows about – there are so many good places in Austin that don’t get enough attention. Her honesty and enthusiasm about restaurants is contagious and you can count on her to provide all the details you need.
  7. The Bikini ExperimentWe love that Lauren of The Bikini Experiment is all about empowering women to be their best selves. She wasn’t at all athletic until she turned 30 and decided to make a huge life change. She is truly an inspiration! We go to Lauren’s blog for her awesome workouts and relatable fitness advice. Our team has made a habit out of doing her best desk stretches!
  8. Linda WagnerLinda Wagner is the epitome of a healthy lifestyle. She uses her blog to help people everywhere become their best, happiest and most confident selves. She hates words like “diet,” “calorie restriction,” and “excessive exercise.” She wants people to know it’s all about living a healthy lifestyle, radiating confidence, being inspired and feeling happy. Her blog features a myriad of delicious, healthy recipes- and our favorite, desserts! Try The Coconut Vanilla Chia Superfood pudding – you won’t regret it!
  9. spinsyddyOur love for fitness is fierce – and thanks to ClassPass we try to get our sweat on at every new studio and class in town. That’s why we were so excited to find Sydney of spinsyddy’s blog. Sydney goes to hundreds of gyms and classes all over Austin and gives in-depth reviews of them- making all of our lives easier. For those wanting to get in a good workout without spending big bucks, Sydney’s website has an exhaustive list of free workouts around Austin. Plus, she regularly partners with gyms to provide great deals.
  10. The Fit ForkJennifer of The Fit Fork is a true wellness guru. An award-winning recipe developer, competitive runner and CrossFit enthusiast, Jennifer does it all. The Fit Fork is a one-stop-shop for all things fitness and nutrition. Check out the Workouts page for an awesome workout and then whip up one of the guilt-free recipes that are abundant on The Fit Fork. We can’t stop making her recipe for Sweet Potato Strings with Blue Cheese – yum!

Our January Playlist

New Year – new you! Check out our latest monthly playlist to get you pumped and on your way to a healthy, and happy, 2016. Give it a listen on Spotify:

Our November Playlist

The sun is going down earlier and earlier, which means we need a little extra “umph” to push ourselves during our evening workouts. This month’s playlist is just the motivation we need! With upbeat songs from Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding, we can’t lace our sneakers up fast enough. Download this month’s playlist and let’s get moving!

Our September Playlist

This month we are throwing it back with a little Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. So go ahead and crank it up loud and pick up the pace because there’s no way you’ll get a less than awesome workout when you’ve got P.Y.T. to groove to. Give it a listen on Spotify:

Our Favorite Hiking Trails In Austin

Spring is right around the corner and we can’t wait to hit the trails! If you’re an Austinite, you may know from experience that there is nothing quite as rejuvenating as a spring hike. From beautiful overlooks to challenging hiking trails, Austin’s got it all. We can’t wait to shake off the cold and get out and active on one of Austin’s many beautiful trails.

Riverplace Natural Trail – With lots of stairs that call for rigorous climbs, this trail is a bit challenging! You can enjoy the sounds of tricking water and beautiful hill country views while you catch your breath.

St. Edwards Park – Looking for a quick hike? This is the trail for you! We recommend this trail for those of you with kids because it’s not too challenging but still offers beautiful sights.

McKinney Falls State Park – We love this trail because of the beautiful river it features. Great for all skill levels, this hiking trail is exactly where you want to be a on a beautiful day.

Sculpture Falls Hike at Barton Creek – It’s called Sculpture Falls because it features a waterfall (woo woo!). If that’s not as cool to you as it is to us, then maybe the fact that you can bring your dog along will get you excited.

Mount Bonnell – Greeted by a long staircase, this overlook is worth the climb. Although it does offer a short trail, this spot is more of a tourist destination than hiking trail, but this doesn’t mean it’s overrated though! Take the trek right before sunset for a breathtaking view.

Do you have any other exciting trails to add to the list? Leave us a comment below.

Namaste, Y’all

Since the ladies of Wellington Group Marketing & PR love all things fitness, we never miss an opportunity to check out a new workout class around town. Our latest review comes from our Marketing & PR Guru Rachel and her totally zen experience at Hyde Park Yoga Company.

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for about 3 years, so when I first moved to the Hyde Park area and discovered Hyde Park Yoga Company, I literally geeked out. From the moment you walk through the door, all of the day’s worries instantly disappear. The quaint space is ideal for a yoga class and gives off such an incredible vibe – it’s almost as if you’re practicing yoga in your own living room (minus the obnoxious couches and chairs that are always in your way).

I signed up for the Vin-Yin class, which is combination of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and was seriously “Yogi Heaven,” as their website describes. The first half of the class focuses on practicing a steady sequence of your typical yoga poses that are meant to get your heart rate pounding. The room is warm and you’ll definitely be breaking into a sweat. But as the class goes on, you eventually enter into a deep stretch and meditation sequence that instantly cools your body down. It was a total zen moment and I can’t wait to go back to experience it again.

In addition to the Vin-Yin class, Hyde Park Yoga Company also offers classes that teach Gentle, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa and even Yoga 101 for beginners. My next venture will be the Yoga For Runners class, which includes a group morning run lead by trainers from Team Spiridon followed by special yoga class, specifically designed for runners, that focuses on strength, flexibility and core work. How awesome is that?

 To learn more about Hyde Park Yoga Company, visit hydeparkyogaco.com

Kickboxing With A Twist

Kickboxing with a Twist

Since the Wellington Group ladies love all things fitness, we never miss an opportunity to check out a new workout class around town. Our latest review comes from one of our interns, Kat Schindler, and her awesome experience with Rachel’s Fight Club Class at Pure Austin:

Call me a wildflower, but I’ve never been the type to go to a workout class more than one or two times without getting bored… until now! For the past three months, I’ve been going to Pure Austin’s Fight Club Class on Wednesday evenings and don’t intend to stop any time soon. Everything about this class makes it the perfect midweek workout experience. The instructor, Rachel, is upbeat, positive, fun and extremely fit. She has a rockin’ bod, which is motivation in itself, and always knows exactly what to say and when to say it to encourage me to push myself even harder. It’s hard and it hurts, but it feels so good.

The Fight Club Class workout is cardio and kickboxing combined. Not only will your heart be beating out of your chest, but you can also learn some self-defense moves too. I don’t consider myself an angry person, but when I’m in this class throwing punches towards the mirror, every ounce of anger, annoyance, stress, and worry leaves my body. My favorite part is when we combine all the punches and scream: “Cross, punch, hook, uppercut!” all together. At this point my endorphins are flowing, thighs are burning, and I’m sweating my booty off. Plus, toned arms and abs of steel are included in the package. What’s not to love? 

As if all of this isn’t enough to make it the best fitness class ever, the class sometimes features a D.J. to drop the beat as you drop some pounds. Your body will be moving and grooving to the beat of the music and burning all over. Never in my life have I walked out of a class feeling the way I do when I leave Fight Club – energized, uplifted, strong, encouraged, worry-free and happily fit!

To learn more about Rachel’s Fight Club class, visit www.pureaustin.com

Our Favorite Wearable Tech Products

Our Favorite Wearable Tech Products

The future has arrived, folks. From glasses that take pictures to phone-functioning watches (James Bond, anyone?), wearable technology is everywhere, and we can’t help but be excited about the possibilities of these new gadgets. Here are some of the wearable tech pieces we’re most excited to try:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Gear
  2. Sensoria Fitness Socks
  3. Fitbit Zip
  4. Nike+ Fuelband
  5. Garmin vivofit
Images courtesy of Samsung.com, Sensoria.com, Fitbit.com, Nike.com, and Garmin.com

Our Favorite Morning Yoga Poses

Favorite Yoga Poses

At Wellington Group Marketing and PR, we’re always finding new ways to get up, move around and stay active throughout the day, especially in the morning. Starting the day off with yoga will clear your head and prepare you for the day ahead. Check out some of our favorite yoga poses to get you moving in the morning. They are simple and easy to do right in the comfort of your own office!

Favorite Yoga Poses

Top left to bottom right: Downward Dog, Chest Expansion, Triangle Pose, Warrior I, Twister Chair Pose, Half Twist, Revolved Lunge Pose, Standing Side Stretch, Upward Facing Dog

Our Favorite Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

WG’s top health and fitness apps that we just can’t live without 

Here at Wellington Group Marketing and PR, we are huge fitness fanatics. We all have our favorite workouts ranging from runs around Lady Bird Lake to weekly Pure Barre classes. What we all agree on, however, is that we can’t do it alone. Exercise is hard, and sometimes we need a little extra motivation. Here are our top 5 favorite fitness apps that we can’t live without. 

MapMyFitness tracks everything you need to know about your run, including your distance, pace, speed, calories burned and route. Then, you can save the data and look through your history to see how you have improved. Talk about a great motivator!

Nike Training Club
This app supplies videos of real athletes to show you how to properly move your body. First, you choose your fitness level and then you decide which kind of workout you’re looking to master. You can even set it up with your own music! The videos show you the exercises, and all you have to do is follow the leader. 

Cruise Control: Run
Cruise Control is totally worth the $4.99 price tag. The app creates a music playlist that matches your cadence, target pace or specific heart rate. It will even adjust your music to keep you on track (literally!) Imagine flying down the trail with your footfalls matching the beat of your favorite song – now that’s a workout that you’ll never forget. 

Office Yoga
Office Yoga is a cheap and cubicle-friendly guide to getting your zen on at the workplace. This app will show you the perfect yoga moves to relieve your stress and relax your mind as you spend long hours sitting in front of your computer. It even includes exercises to improve posture, release neck tension and help with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Daily Fitness Motivation
There are many times when we know we should workout, but we just don’t want to. This app will save the day by increasing your desire to exercise. The inspirational quotes and pictures will immediately provide the energy and motivation you need to make you feel like you’re ready to get moving!

Do you have a favorite fitness app? Let us know!