Nothing Better Than Better Bites

If you haven’t already noticed, the ladies of Wellington Group absolutely LOVE delicious treats. That being said, you can probably imagine our delight when we discovered Better Bites Bakery products at our local People’s Pharmacy. We were practically drooling when we first discovered their double chocolate cake balls – seriously, if you haven’t tried them you’re missing out!

The cake balls are rich and flavorful, satisfying every post-lunch sweet tooth craving we tend to get from time to time. But the greatness doesn’t stop at amazing flavor. Better Bites Bakery products are crafted with food allergies in mind, meaning that you can depend on them for the highest quality gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free and organic baked goods. Delicious AND healthy – I mean, does it get any better than that?

Better Bites Bakery also sells cupcakes, cakes, cookies, bread and scones, among other delicious goodies. We’re certainly doing our part to sample everything on their menu, and you should too!  Plus they’re sold at 20 different vendors around Austin, so there’s really no excuse not to try ‘em out. So go out and get some Better Bites today!

The Coolest Bearded Brothers In Town

Bearded Brothers

Nothing excites the Wellington Group team more than discovering new local products. Our latest find? Bearded Brothers Energy Bars. Their packaging – complete with the silhouettes of two very bearded brothers – immediately caught our eye while waiting in the checkout line at Juiceland. A quick scan of the label revealed that the bars are 100% natural and made in our very own Austin, Texas, so really, how could we resist?

Not only are the bars gluten-free, organic and vegan, they are also delicious, coming in five different flavors including Blueberry Vanilla, Coconut Mango, Maca Chocolate, Ginger Peach and Raspberry Lemon. In addition to their yummy-ness, the bars are energizing, providing the perfect afternoon pick-me-up to power us through the rest of the workday.

We’re definitely going to keep our snack bar stocked with Bearded Brothers Energy Bars from now on, and you should too! The next time you’re in the mood for a snack, grab one from your local grocery store or at one of their 300 selected vendors nationwide – you won’t be disappointed. 

Our Favorite Gluten Free ATX Spots

Our Favorite ATX Gluten Free Spots

The ladies of Wellington Group love exploring Austin food, especially when it’s gluten free. But as you probably know, finding good gluten free restaurants can be a hassle. To simplify things for all of you GF foodies, here’s a list of our top 5 favorite gluten free spots in Austin. Happy eating!

  1. Gluten Free Buns from Hopdoddy Burger Bar
  2. Gluten Free Desserts from Better Bites Bakery
  3. Gluten Free Tartines from Blue Dahlia Bistro
  4. Gluten Free Pasta from Olive & June
  5. Gluten Free Pizza from Sagra Trattoria and Bar