Confidence In The Workplace

“I’m awesome because…” Every morning here at Wellington Group Marketing & PR we all stand in the “awesome corner” and share at least one reason why we are awesome that day. Given our team-focused and team-driven values, this doesn’t always come easy. It feels more natural to celebrate and praise the achievements of coworkers. We admit it may also seem backwards. If we are team-focused and team-driven, then why are we taking turns going around to “toot our own horn?”

We do this because we are all, in fact, awesome. Additionally, we are all awesome for a variety of reasons – personally and professionally. It may be waking up at 5 a.m. for a killer workout or securing national coverage for a client. It may even be making it out of the house on the weekend. No matter what it is, it is indeed awesome and worth celebrating. By sharing the reasons why, we are reminded how much we are capable of achieving on a personal level. On a team level, it helps us better encourage and motivate each other. We learn what achievements our coworkers are most proud of and get to lovingly remind them if they fail to mention a big accomplishment.

Not only does this exercise create a stronger team, it kicks off the day with an extra boost of confidence for everyone. This increase in confidence shows up in our work, our attitude and overall performance. Over time, it starts to trickle into all aspects of our lives.

Why are you awesome today? Ask yourself this, take pride in it and channel this positive energy into making today just as great.

Nervous about a difficult situation? You can do it!

Not feeling so hot about a graphic design project? You are amazing!

Feeling stuck on a post you’re writing? Just remember you were strong enough to do the dishes last night when you wanted to kick back with Netflix– you’ve got this!

You are awesome.

Build each other up, have confidence in yourself and your team, then get back to rocking it. We guarantee your work will show it.

Our October Playlist

It’s finally cooling down outside and we are chomping at the bit to take our daily workouts outside. With upbeat songs from pop stars like Hailee Steinfeld and Grace Potter, you won’t be able to stay stationary for long. Download this month’s playlist, lace-up your sneakers and let’s get moving!


Our Favorite Morning Yoga Poses

Favorite Yoga Poses

At Wellington Group Marketing and PR, we’re always finding new ways to get up, move around and stay active throughout the day, especially in the morning. Starting the day off with yoga will clear your head and prepare you for the day ahead. Check out some of our favorite yoga poses to get you moving in the morning. They are simple and easy to do right in the comfort of your own office!

Favorite Yoga Poses

Top left to bottom right: Downward Dog, Chest Expansion, Triangle Pose, Warrior I, Twister Chair Pose, Half Twist, Revolved Lunge Pose, Standing Side Stretch, Upward Facing Dog