How To Stay Organized At Work

Staying organized at work can be a challenge, especially when you’re working in the marketing and public relations industries. Everyday something new comes up, and you have to completely re-think your schedule and update your planner (we are nothing without our planners!) Good news is – we thrive on the nature of our industry. As PR ladies, we are pros at accepting change and quickly reorganizing our schedule to get the priorities done. So how do we stay organized each day? Read on for some of our secrets!

  • Tidy up: Keeping your desk tidy is the first step to staying organized at work. A clean desk without distractions and clutter will help you focus on the task ahead. If you have trouble keeping your workspace clean and neat, just take five minutes everyday to tidy up. Trust us, you will be way more relaxed throughout your day.
  • Create your to-do list at the end of each day: That’s right. Before you leave the office take some time to write down your to-dos for tomorrow. Doing so allows you to mentally prepare for tomorrow and ensure that you won’t start off the day stressed.
  • Ensure everything has its own space: Public relations has the reputation of being a hyper-organized person’s career. In our office that stereotype rings true. We obsess over folders and structure. Our emails, files and paperwork are all in correctly labeled folders and there may be color coordination involved, don’t judge. If you’re anything like us, you’ll feel much more centered when everything is where it belongs.
  • Make your space work for you: We can’t all have a corner office over looking a beautiful skyline, but we can take a few steps to make our work environment work for us. Here in our office, we despise florescent lighting. Instead, we light up our office with lamps that create an environment that keeps us calm and relaxed.

How do you stay organized at work? Leave us a comment below!



Creative Ways to Stay Organized at Work

At Wellington Group, we like to think a huge key to success is organization. When you look around our office, you’re sure to find clean and tidy workspaces to help the WG ladies stay motivated and productive. Although we tend to utilize some traditional organization tactics, such as to-do lists, online task tracking systems and manageable desk folders, we also like to have fun with our organization. Here’s a look at some creative ways you can stay organized around the office:

Consider Colorful Calendars
Calendars are a must. After all, how are you supposed to keep track of your crazy hectic schedule? One thing that helps Rachel, our Marketing, PR & Social Media Coordinator, is Maybooks. These handy notebooks come in a variety of awesome colors and can even be customized. Nothing says organization like a calendar with your name on it. And the organization doesn’t stop there – Maybooks has a collection of budget journals, meal planners and more. The team even gave Dawn a personalized baby diary for baby Jackson! 

Control Your Cables
Lamps, phones and chargers lead to more cords than you might want. But with technology increasing more and more, there’s no way to NOT have those never-ending cords. If you can’t get rid of them, find a way to make them manageable. Look into investing in some organization cord boards or tools to control your cables. The Container Store offers many solutions including cord clips, zippers, wraps, bundlers and twisters – oh my! 

Add A Desk Structure
How many times have you not been able to see your physical desk because it’s covered in papers, folders, pens and paperclips? Yikes! Get your desk organized stat with fun desk structures, such as these super cute ones from Nannie Inez. The company sells unique and fun-to-look-at office organizers that we just can’t stop obsessing over. 

Love Your Label Maker
Remember in Friends, when Monica was strangely obsessed with her label maker? She found every excuse to use it because it was just that awesome. We get you, Monica. We label our files, folders, binders, and even our e-mails as specifically as possible. Believe us, it helps later down the road. 

Do you have any other creative organized tips? Leave us a comment and tell us how you stay organized.

[Image from MayDesign‘s Instagram Page]