Why Our Agency Grew to Include Digital Marketing

Wellington Group Marketing & PR was founded in 2007 to provide marketing and public relations services to local and national brands in the fitness, food, and lifestyle sectors. While working in this niche served us well over the past decade, the nature of the PR and marketing industry has shifted, including client needs and expectations.

We’ve always been believers in the efficacy of digital marketing, but the new marketing landscape meant that we needed to diversify our approach and expand our talents. While traditional public relations are still essential, we decided it was time to shift our mindset and adopt more integrated methodologies. And this had definitely included developing a carefully curated team with extensive experience in the digital realm.

Increasing Our Competitive Advantage

Anyone in the marketing agency landscape can tell you the industry is hyper-competitive. As a firm that is looking to grow and expand into new markets, marrying our tried-and-true public relations expertise with digital marketing felt like a natural next step. To really give us an edge over the competition, we’ve nearly quadrupled the size of our team to include experts in SEO, paid search, email, user experience, web design, and content.

Improving the Return on Investment

Understandably, clients want to know where their investment is going. The more tangible, the better. But as any public relations professional can tell you, it can be difficult to measure the ROI of traditional public relations endeavors. By combining our traditional PR acumen with the improved measurables of digital marketing campaigns, we can now provide our clients with more detailed numbers and concrete results, which in turn, increases our value to them.

Symbiotic Growth

We aren’t replacing our traditional public relations efforts with digital marketing. Instead, we’re amplifying each discipline through a symbiotic relationship, as digital marketing and public relations naturally complement each other.  To have a truly solid PR strategy, you need both to drive consumer behavior and tell your story.

While this transition has been a huge undertaking, we’re continually discovering exciting ways to integrate digital marketing and public relations together in successful and productive campaigns. The ultimate goal? To better serve the needs of our existing client base while also expanding that portfolio in new directions.

Does your public relations strategy need a boost? Give us a shout, as we’d love to help grow your business, too.

Our PR Bucket List

From skydiving to taking a trip to Europe, bucket lists are complete with goals that push us to live life to the fullest. Here at Wellington Group Marketing & PR, everyone in our office has their own personal bucket list, and we’re always encouraging each other to start crossing it off. In addition to our individual bucket lists, we recently got to thinking about how motivating it would be to create a PR bucket list complete with goals that we’d LOVE to meet as a team. Sharing our professional goals and dreams has taught us so much about each other and why we are in this profession in the first place. If you haven’t created a professional bucket list, we highly encourage you to do so ASAP. In the meantime, here is our PR bucket list for a little inspiration!

We’d love to hear what you put on your professional bucket list. Leave us a comment below and tell us more about it!

Words of Wisdom for PR Students

College is the perfect time to prepare for your future. From our experience, you have a good amount of free time and aren’t too sure how to spend it productively. While binge watching Netflix sounds like a good choice, you could use that time to get ahead of your peers for the job market! If you’re a student majoring in public relations or another media related field, we’ve got some tips to help you be prepared for your first job out of college. It’s tough to find a job nowadays, but if you get a head start by using your time in college wisely, we think you’ll be in a pretty good position for life post-graduation. Here are some words of wisdom for those of you preparing for your future as a PR professional.

Know The News – This one is pretty easy and we know you can do it. We can’t stress enough how vital it is to be aware of what’s going on in the world. Working in public relations requires you to keep up with the news so that the work you do for your clients is relevant and timely. As a PR professional, it’s part of your job to be the most informed person in the room. Trust us, you don’t want to be clueless when a client wants to know your opinion on current happenings. Here at Wellington Group Marketing & PR we love reading The Skimm before we hit the ground running!

Intern Intern Intern – Intern a lot, and make it a priority to blow your supervisor’s socks off. Make the most of your internships by getting involved in any task your boss will allow. Internships are where you are going to make valuable connections because they’ve seen the work you put out, along with your work ethic. Also, don’t save interning until your last semester. Get started early in college!

Write Well – If we had to choose which tip is most important, this would be it. Working in PR means you will be writing for the greater part of your day. Whether it’s key messages, pitches, emails, blog posts or social media content, you’ve got to be a strong writer. Not sure how to practice your writing? Our advice is to start a blog! Employers will love seeing that you value blogging, but they will also think it’s awesome to see that you spend so much time writing.

Be Smart On Social Media – Alright, it’s time to really clean up your social media persona. Get rid of all the pictures that are the result of a few margaritas too many and make sure you look hireable. Be yourself, but be professional. Trust us, employers are watching.

Learn To Be Nice. Always. – Your clients hire you to cultivate relationships with the media and get their story covered. You can’t accomplish this by being short and unfriendly. When you sign up to work in PR, you sign up for the duty of being nice at all times. You know how you get annoyed with your parents? Practice being nice to them so by the time you land a job, you have mastered the art of being friendly and patient, even when it’s tough.

Apply For Jobs You’re Underqualified For – After graduation you are going to find yourself reading job descriptions that you know you aren’t yet qualified for. We advise you go ahead and apply for those jobs that are just out of your experience level. If they really like you, they could possibly create a position for you. This is how our awesome Account Coordinator, Sarah, landed her first job out of college here at Wellington Group Marketing & Public Relations. She’s proof that shooting for the moon instead of the stars can totally work!

What advice would you have for current PR students? Leave us a comment below!

How To Stay Organized At Work

Staying organized at work can be a challenge, especially when you’re working in the marketing and public relations industries. Everyday something new comes up, and you have to completely re-think your schedule and update your planner (we are nothing without our planners!) Good news is – we thrive on the nature of our industry. As PR ladies, we are pros at accepting change and quickly reorganizing our schedule to get the priorities done. So how do we stay organized each day? Read on for some of our secrets!

  • Tidy up: Keeping your desk tidy is the first step to staying organized at work. A clean desk without distractions and clutter will help you focus on the task ahead. If you have trouble keeping your workspace clean and neat, just take five minutes everyday to tidy up. Trust us, you will be way more relaxed throughout your day.
  • Create your to-do list at the end of each day: That’s right. Before you leave the office take some time to write down your to-dos for tomorrow. Doing so allows you to mentally prepare for tomorrow and ensure that you won’t start off the day stressed.
  • Ensure everything has its own space: Public relations has the reputation of being a hyper-organized person’s career. In our office that stereotype rings true. We obsess over folders and structure. Our emails, files and paperwork are all in correctly labeled folders and there may be color coordination involved, don’t judge. If you’re anything like us, you’ll feel much more centered when everything is where it belongs.
  • Make your space work for you: We can’t all have a corner office over looking a beautiful skyline, but we can take a few steps to make our work environment work for us. Here in our office, we despise florescent lighting. Instead, we light up our office with lamps that create an environment that keeps us calm and relaxed.

How do you stay organized at work? Leave us a comment below!



Blurred Lines: Marketing & PR


As a full service public relations, marketing and communications firm, we often get asked, “So.. what’s really the difference between marketing and PR?” The short answer? Not a whole lot, but there are definitely distinctions between the two that we would like to expand on.

Let’s start with the official definitions:            

Marketing: the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. –The American Marketing Association

Public Relations: a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. –Public Relations Society of America

The fine lines that separate marketing from PR really revolve around the fact that marketing has a main goal of sales and profit, while PR focuses on the mutual understanding between the organization and its publics along with positive perceptions. In terms of measurement, marketing looks mainly at the short-term results, while PR looks mainly at the long-term results that stem from meaningful conversations with potential customers.

Some activities that fall under the marketing umbrella include:

  • Website
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Coupons

Those that fall under the public relations umbrella include:

  • Media relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Media
  • Awards

As more and more of our activities have migrated online, the lines between marketing and PR have blurred even further. What makes the two go so well together is the storytelling aspect. Both marketing and PR work to communicate a story so that the organization can gain customers, drive revenue and/or foster positive perceptions.

Public relations creates an environment where marketing can thrive and vice versa. This is the “mash-up” of industries that we are witnessing. It’s all public facing, revenue-driven and necessary for long-term growth. Smart businesses shouldn’t choose between the two, but instead, incorporate them both. Watch out for this throughout 2014 – the industries are only becoming closer!