Happy Holidays From WGPR

The WGPR team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


We’ve Got Values to the Core

Here at Wellington Group Marketing & PR, we’ve got core values that we live out each and every day. When we find ourselves in a pickle and we don’t know what to do, we look to our values to point us in the right direction. With a mission to help entrepreneurs grow their companies, drive revenue and sleep better at night, we work hard everyday to reach goals and we do this by focusing on our values. Having a set of values that encourages teamwork, service, honesty and laughter is what gets us moving and excited to serve our awesome list of clients. Read on to find out what each of our values mean and how we practice them each day.


Laugh Hard, Work Hard

It’s no surprise we are a silly bunch who enjoys taking a break to have a good laugh. We work hard everyday serving our clients, but every now and then we take a few minutes to share funny stories and just enjoy each other’s company. Not convinced yet, just check out our love for dancing chickens, laughing cows and Patrick Swayze (skip to 2:47).


Yes, and… Attitude

When asked to take on a task, we respond with “Yes, and what else can I do?” This “yes, and…” attitude encourages collaboration, brainstorming and innovation. We’ve taken it a step further and even had pillows designed with our special core value embodied on them. It serves as a gentle reminder to always ask ourselves what else we can be doing for our clients.


Wow Through Service

Wowing our clients through our talents and services is what we do best. We set high goals and expectations in order to exceed expectations. We want each and every person on our awesome team to see that we talk the talk and walk the walk.


Team-Focused and Team-Driven

We serve our clients as a team, not as individuals. There is never just one of us working to reach a client’s goal. We do it as a team and we like it that way. Being team-focused and team-driven is the reason we get such awesome results! Behold the power of we!


Lovingly Honest

This is our newest core value and we think it’s great! If we see something that isn’t quite right, we let each other and our clients know in a manner that is respectful and loving. There’s never a reason to be harsh.



What are some of your favorite core values? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment below.