Our Latest & Greatest

A sneak peek into a few of the projects we’ve been working on. From tradeshows and traditional PR to UX design and digital marketing, we do it all.

Source Vitál Apothecary

For nearly 30 years, Source Vitál Apothecary has formulated high quality natural products for the skin, body and mind in Houston, Texas. Born from a need for a holistic, yet effective product line for spa professionals, Source Vitál is branching out into the retail market.

Wellington Group is working hand in hand with Source Vitál to build awareness about their brand, their expertise, and their amazing products with an integrated public relations, social media and digital marketing plan.

Recently, Wellington Group assisted the brand at the inaugural Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas, where Source Vitál launched a new customized skin care system. We helped Source Vitál get recognized among hundreds of key influencers in the natural beauty market.

Source Vitál Apothecary and Wellington Group have a war chest full of ambitious ideas to grow this brand from a “hidden gem” into a household name.

Sanctuary Spa

Anytime the Wellington Group family needs a pick-me-up, we look to Sanctuary Spa for balance and relaxation. As the original day spa in Houston, Sanctuary Spa has a long history of creating a wellness retreat in the heart of the city by providing facials, massages and body treatments, utilizing essential oils and hydro-therapeutic principles.

After a recent change in ownership, Sanctuary Spa called on Wellington Group to guide their new social media initiatives. Sanctuary Spa is dedicated to providing a holistic and aromatic spa experience, nourishing your mind, body and spirit. We love telling their story and helping others find a moment of bliss.

Simplify Solar

Simplify Solar is a Houston-based solar energy company that simplifies the purchase and installation process for a home solar system with their easy-to-use platform. The Simplify team reached out to Wellington Group to help build brand awareness in the Houston & Austin areas, assist in lead generation, and optimize their existing digital marketing to create a “best in class” digital experience that ultimately drives conversions.

Within the past month, we have implemented various campaigns to increase brand awareness and sales. These campaigns include Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to their site, the creation and implementation of a social and content calendar to establish brand awareness, and the execution of sales tracking to allow us to develop and execute on a strong acquisition partnership strategy.

Our relationship with Simplify Solar will continue to grow as we expand our account activities to include reputation management, email marketing campaigns, and omni-channel programs.

Burst Consulting

Burst Consulting is a business consulting firm that offers business strategy, business development and marketing consulting for Austin-area CEOs and business owners. The CEO reached out to Wellington Group with the goal of increasing local visibility within the Austin-area market for greater brand recognition and lead generation.

Within the past year, Wellington Group has increased the company’s client base while also growing the database by 65%. We established a steady cadence of email marketing campaigns and blog content, increasing network engagement as measured through various email and social metrics. We have also presented the CEO as a thought leader within the business consulting industry by landing a series of contributed articles in the Austin Business Journal.

We have had a long partnership with Burst Consulting and have enjoyed seeing our results come to life.

University Christian Church

University Christian Church (UCC) is a Disciples of Christ denomination church located in Austin, Texas, directly across from The University of Texas campus. A board member recently reached out to Wellington Group with the need to grow church attendance and membership, while also raising brand awareness to make it more of a recognized name within the Austin community.

We facilitated a 2-day key messaging session to help establish a clear mission and vision for the church. From there, we evolved the brand by creating a new logo, updating existing marketing material and delivering a social media playbook with recommended next steps.

More recently, we created a member survey that was sent to all existing members, asking for input on how the church currently meets their needs. We are currently analyzing survey results in order to provide recommendations for creating a membership campaign, which will in turn help drive church attendance.

Our relationship with UCC continues to grow, and we look forward to helping establish their new member recruitment campaign.